Corporate Uniforms

We at Lexus Tailoring & Stores WLL are very proud of providing a wide range of services such as designing, manufacturing, and supplying in all varieties of corporate and company wear and uniforms as per their specific requirements and proposals.

We always devote our all expertise with the latest technology in creating top-quality, good, and fashionable styling corporate uniforms in Doha, Qatar particularly to give a diverse professional corporate brand look to their staff. Our product range is designed to be convenient, cost-efficient, and client-friendly.

School Uniforms

We offer to design and manufacturing services in all kinds of schoolwear and school uniforms in Doha, Qatar. We put sheer hard work and expertise in creating high-quality, smart, and decent styling school uniforms. We design convenient, cost-effective, and student’s friendly types of uniforms for all schools. We accept and deliver small as well as large orders to entertain every customer’s requirements. We provide our services to all kinds of schools including primary, secondary, and higher secondary levels.

With a choice of vibrant colors and embroidery options, it becomes simple to reflect your school branding through your student's uniforms. Our school uniform products are good-looking and well-fitting that leaves your students with a positive impression. It develops a sense of belonging and identity among your students.

Hospitality Uniforms

We at Lexus Tailoring & Stores WLL offer to design and manufacture a wide range of hospitality uniforms, clothing, and accessories covering reception, food & beverage, kitchen, spa, and housekeeping. Our hard-working, committed and proficient team develops high-quality, functional, and professionally designed hospitality uniforms. We design uniforms according to the roles and duties of your employees. The hospitality Uniform you put on plays a key role as it reflects your brand and depicts your professionalism.

A well-designed uniform at ABG makes your staff look smart and creates a good first impression on the customers. The finely tailored and well-fitting uniforms designed by us will facilitate your staff to move freely and put the focus on their duties comfortably. Our custom-designed hotel and restaurant uniforms put confidence in your employees and elevate your business. We are equipped to handle orders of any size, so it won’t matter if your team is big or small, we cater to everyone. Contact us for good quality and attractive hospitality uniforms products and services.

Health Care Uniform

Being a healthcare uniforms manufacturer, we provide a broad range of hospital uniforms with good quality and exceptional comfort in Doha Qatar. We provide a comprehensive healthcare uniform collection such as OT dress, scrub suits, nurse's uniforms, lab coats, safety wear, disposables & maternity wear, etc.

A good uniform is required for everyone working in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare uniforms designed for your staff help them to maintain a decent appearance at the workplace. Depending on different roles at various healthcare departments we can provide exactly what you’re looking for. If you wish to have your company branding on your healthcare uniforms, we are proficient in doing so through our embroidery and logo designing services.

Security Uniform

Lexus Tailoring & Stores WLL is a one-stop solution for designing and manufacturing services in all kinds of security uniforms in Qatar for construction workers, safety personnel, first-responders, etc. Our designers, production staff, and sheer stitching professionals make use of state-of-the-art machines and sophisticated technologies to fabricate high-quality security uniforms to provide utmost safety while working in hazardous sites.

Properly designed security uniforms display a good professional image and develop confidence in the people for whom the security personnel is working. We are the suppliers of the best security uniforms with a full range of security clothing and accessories which have durability and comfort. Our expert professionals use high-grade durable fabrics and manufacture as per the specific needs of our customers. You get security uniforms that are made from good quality fabrics and live up to the industry norms and safety standards.

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